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Chris Woakes’s last-second goal helped England beat Australia and keep the Ashes series alive.

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Chris Woakes's last-second goal helped England beat Australia and keep the Ashes series alive.
Chris Woakes and Mark Wood jubilantly commemorate their partnership in the presence of Mitchell Starc, effectively extinguishing Australia’s aspirations of a thrilling victory.

England emerged victorious in the third test match by 3 wickets against Australia. England scored 237 runs in their first innings and 254-7 in their second innings. On the other hand, Australia scored 263 runs in their first innings and 224 runs in their second innings.
On the fourth day, Brook scored 75, while Woakes, with a score of 32, and Wood, with a score of 16, secured the victory Chris Woakes.

The Ashes lead of Australia was reduced in Leeds following an intense run chase, during which England caused great anxiety among their devoted supporters. Eventually, England successfully reached the finish line, securing a three-wicket victory with Chris Woakes.

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In the crucial third Test, England, facing a 2-0 deficit, understood that a loss would effectively end their chances of reclaiming the urn. They aimed to chase down a target of 251 runs with the advantageous weather conditions of clear skies at Headingley Chris Woakes England beat Australia.

The match resumed on the fourth morning with no loss on the scoreboard. However, it took until 3:38 pm for the spectators to witness a breakthrough. Chris Woakes struck Mitchell Starc’s delivery through cover for four runs, successfully chasing the total. Mark Wood, with whom the user shared an unbroken eighth-wicket partnership of 24 runs, was the first to approach and congratulate the user in the middle of the field Chris Woakes.

Australia displayed a commendable effort during the match, with Starc performing remarkably by dismissing five English players while bowling from the Football Stand End. The initial quartet of batsmen departing from England’s lineup elicited a profound sense of astonishment. Ben Duckett succumbed to a leg before wicket (lbw) dismissal after scoring 23 runs; Moeen Ali’s stumps were shattered when the ball struck them, resulting in his departure with only five runs to his name, Ben Stokes fell victim to a catch taken down the leg side when he had reached 13 runs, and Jonny Bairstow encountered a fate similar to Moeen’s, leading to his dismissal Chris Woakes.

However, after the strategic decision to move Moeen to the first drop position, Harry Brook, who had been positioned at No 5, played a crucial role in the chase by scoring 75 runs off 93 balls, significantly contributing to the team’s success. He achieved the milestone of 1,000 Test runs, becoming the quickest player to reach this landmark regarding the number of balls faced, precisely 1,058. This further emphasizes the potential he demonstrated during the winter matches in front of his home fans Chris Woakes.

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The ball hit by Harry Brook, off the delivery by Mitchell Starc, was successfully caught by Pat Cummins after the former had scored a significant 75 runs.

Brook was unable to secure what could have been an idyllic performance entirely. Starc achieved his 14th five-wicket haul as Brook, the right-handed batsman, mishit a pull shot, resulting in a top edge. Despite a momentary confusion between Brook and his bowler, Pat Cummins, stationed at mid-off, swiftly moved towards the ball and successfully caught it. The England cricket team, with a score of 230 for seven, remained 21 runs short of their target, resulting in a notable increase in tension Chris Woakes.

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Woakes remained in the game, playing a significant role in a pivotal 59-run partnership with Brook. However, it should be noted that the permanence of their collaboration was not consistently evident. Additionally, Wood displayed a proactive approach, demonstrating his determination and unwillingness to give up. After the previous delivery resulted in a crash of 16 runs from only eight balls, Cummins executed a pull shot that sent the ball into the stands. Following this, a wayward yorker from Starc was driven through the cover region, resulting in four runs. With a score of 32 not out, Woakes completed the task at hand.

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Perhaps it was fitting that Woakes and Wood should be out there at the end, a couple of hugely popular players injecting a sense of fun into proceedings after the anger in which this match started due to the stumping of Bairstow at Lord’s et al.

These two tardy participants also graciously bestowed their talents upon Stokes, with Woakes gracefully acquiring six wickets – including a game-altering two-wicket surge on the enchanting third evening – and Wood conjuring a fierce storm of 90mph deliveries, amassing a total of seven wickets. As Wood was bestowed the prestigious title of player of the match during the grand presentation, the magnificent Headingley stadium gracefully ascended in unison, paying homage to his remarkable achievement.

Even more significantly, the esteemed duo has managed to sustain the vitality of this enthralling series as they approach the fourth Test at the illustrious grounds of Old Trafford. England is in the unique position of trailing Australia by a mere margin of 2-1. Amid the late jitters that sent a shiver down the spine, accompanied by the occasional top edge that gracefully found its way to safety, the hosts have successfully etched their name on the scoreboard.

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