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French law enforcement has been criticized again following a violent arrest at a protest.

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Assa Traoré participated in the march that took place on Saturday.

French law enforcement Youssouf Traoré is hospitalized following a forceful takedown during a rally commemorating his late brother. This incident coincides with the government’s prohibiting fireworks during Bastille Day celebrations.

The recent arrest during a peaceful march against police violence has again drawn attention to the state of law and order in France. To prevent further unrest, the government has taken the precautionary measure of prohibiting fireworks outside authorized displays during the Bastille Day holiday weekend French law enforcement.

Amid ongoing tensions following a series of riots triggered by the fatal shooting of a teenager last month, law enforcement authorities encountered additional allegations of excessive force on Sunday. This occurred when a video surfaced depicting the arrest of the sibling of an African American individual who passed away while in police custody seven years ago by French law enforcement.

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On Saturday, during an unauthorized march held in memory of his deceased brother Adama, who passed away at the age of 24 in 2016, Youssouf Traoré, 29, experienced a forceful tackle to the ground by officers belonging to the controversial rapid reaction force known as BRAV-M. Subsequently, he was restrained face down by these officers.

The arrest that occurred during the march, where approximately 2,000 protesters assembled in central Paris, along with other instances of demonstrators being forcefully pushed by law enforcement officers, were captured on video by multiple witnesses and quickly disseminated through various social media platforms French law enforcement.

French law enforcement has been criticized again following a violent arrest at a protest
Youssouf Traoré retrieves his personal belongings from a police station on a subsequent day following an incident where he was forcefully restrained during a memorial march held in honor of his deceased brother, Adama.

Under the guidance of Assa Traoré, the Traoré family asserts that Adama, who has been likened to “the French George Floyd,” was restrained by law enforcement officers and succumbed to asphyxiation. There have been no charges filed about the case by French law enforcement.

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The Paris police authorities have prohibited the annual march, which was previously prohibited from taking place outside the capital on its original route. This decision is because the march is deemed to have a high probability of attracting radical elements who may engage in acts of violence. Additionally, the authorities have cited insufficient preparation time contributing to the ban on French law enforcement.

Assa, in her address to the crowd at Paris’s Place de la République, advocated for a peaceful assembly. She expressed her belief that France’s police force exhibits racist and violent tendencies, asserting that France lacks the credibility to impart moral lessons.

According to Yassine Bouzrou, the lawyer representing Youssouf, it was reported to Le Monde that his client sustained injuries to various parts of his body, including the skull, eye, nose, stomach, and back, which required hospitalization. The individual stated that the officers employed disproportionate and illegitimate force. Furthermore, the individual indicated they had submitted a formal complaint to French law enforcement.

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According to the Paris police, Youssouf was apprehended on charges of “violence against a person of public authority.” The Paris prosecutor’s office has announced that the charges have been temporarily lifted, pending the individual’s treatment in the hospital. However, the charges can be reinstated once the individual is discharged from French law enforcement.

Nearly 100 associations, unions, and left-wing parties, including the Greens and Unbowed France, collectively called upon demonstrators throughout France to advocate for “a comprehensive overhaul of the police, encompassing its intervention techniques and weaponry.”

Two journalists have reported being mishandled by the police during the Paris march. On Sunday, several leftwing politicians strongly condemned the exhibited brutality attended French law enforcement’s demonstration.

Fabien Roussel, the leader of the Communist party, expressed his disapproval of the forceful apprehension of Youssouf Traoré following a peaceful demonstration. Currently, no measures are being taken to mitigate the escalating situation.

Tensions have been escalating in France following the fatal shooting of Nahel Merzouk, a 17-year-old individual of Algerian descent, by a police officer during a traffic stop on June 27. This incident occurred in Nanterre, a suburb of Paris. Subsequently, it led to six days of extensive rioting across various cities in France, ranging from Lille to Marseille French law enforcement.

To mitigate the potential for further unrest, the government has prohibited the sale, possession, transport, and utilization of pyrotechnical articles and fireworks until July 15. This measure has been implemented to preemptively address the possibility of significant disruptions to public order during the July 14 celebrations.

In the aftermath of Merzouk’s shooting, fireworks, rockets, stones, and bottles were used as weapons directed toward law enforcement. This action further exacerbated the deep-seated animosity in France’s impoverished, racially diverse urban communities. These communities have long been discontented due to systematic police brutality and persistent accusations of institutionalized racism in French law enforcement.

Firework rockets fired horizontally have gained popularity among rioters due to their affordability and easy accessibility, as well as their ability to reach speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour. According to reports, suppliers have been providing delivery services with remarkably short turnaround times on popular platforms such as TikTok.

According to Élisabeth Borne, the prime minister, she has encountered local officials who express apprehension regarding the potential occurrence of additional incidents during the national holiday. In an interview with Le Parisien, she assured that significant resources would be allocated to safeguard the French population throughout the weekend of July 14 French law enforcement.

According to Olivier Véran, the government spokesperson, the authorities will take necessary measures to maintain peace and security. He emphasized that allowing a small number of rioters in our cities to disrupt our annual festivities is unacceptable.

During the riots, a total of 3,700 individuals were apprehended, with 1,160 of them being minors. The incidents involved destroying 5,000 vehicles, igniting 11,000 fires, looting 2,000 establishments, and extensive damage to public structures such as bus depots, schools, and community centers.

According to Borne, the government intends to expedite the passage of emergency legislation to address the issue of damaged buildings before the summer parliamentary recess. Additionally, funds will be allocated to promptly compensate owners of vehicles that were intentionally set on fire.

Merzouk, a repeat offender with a history of non-compliance with law enforcement during previous traffic stops, was apprehended for many traffic infractions, encompassing unlawful motor vehicle operations. The officer, aged 38, who discharged their weapon, has been formally accused of voluntary homicide and is currently being held in provisional detention.

The French government has consistently refuted accusations of police violence and racism by human rights organizations and national and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The foreign ministry emphasized that the prioritization of the “fight against racism and all forms of discrimination” was announced on Saturday.

It has been observed that a minimum of 800 police officers, gendarmes, and firefighters sustained injuries during the recent riots. The committee has been accused of displaying a “lack of solidarity and compassion” in response to these incidents.

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