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Passengers and bystanders recount the harrowing experience of the train crash in India, where they were heard wailing for assistance.

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train crash in India

Approximately 10 to 15 individuals came into contact with me and fell. Upon exiting the area, the observer noted the presence of scattered limbs in the vicinity.

The carriages of three special trains were found stacked on top of each other in tangled wreckage. Several objects were found in a horizontal position. At the same time, some were observed to have been propelled to a considerable height upon collision and landed on the ground in a distorted and inverted orientation.

Shrouded in white sheets, a series of deceased individuals were arranged alongside the debris, anticipating transportation via various vehicles, such as ambulances, local cars, and tractors, to nearby medical facilities. The passengers’ belongings, including open suitcases, toys, and shoes, were found scattered around them.

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On Friday evening, a collision occurred between the Coromandel Express and a freight train in the eastern state of Odisha, resulting in one of India’s most fatal train accidents in almost 20 years. The Coromandel Express operates between Kolkata in West Bengal and Chennai in Tamil Nadu. The Howrah Superfast Express train, travelling in the opposite direction, had some of its carriages derailed by the freight train.

As of Saturday morning, the death toll was recorded at 280 and 900 individuals were reported injured. The authorities have stated that the number of casualties is expected to increase as rescue operations persist. Thousands of personnel have been dispatched to the location to assist. Canine search and rescue teams and metal-cutting equipment were deployed to locate and extricate individuals trapped within the twisted train compartments.

Family members of the train passengers hurried to the location and commenced a frantic search among the deceased individuals to locate their relatives. One of the individuals present was Rabindra Shau, aged 53, who was searching for his son Govinda. Govinda had previously boarded the Coromandel Express at Shalimar.

Assistance is requested in locating the individual’s son. The individual vocalized a request for assistance with the deceased individual’s remains.

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Sheikh Zakir Hussain, aged 35 and hailing from West Bengal, reported his attempt to obtain information regarding the whereabouts of his elder brother Abdul Sheikh, his son Mehraj Sheikh (aged 22), and three neighbours. The individuals above had boarded a train near Shalimar and were en route to Chennai for work.

The individual stated that upon receiving news of the accident, attempts were made to contact their brother and nephew via phone. However, their phones were found to be switched off. The individual arrived early and has since been visiting multiple hospitals, yet has been unable to locate the individuals in question regarding the train crash in India.

I physically visited the location and observed numerous deceased individuals present. The individual reported viewing the countenances of over one hundred deceased individuals yet could not locate their sibling, nephew, or nearby residents.

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On Saturday morning, Toton Sekh arrived at the site to search for his nephew, Abu Taher Sheikh, aged 24, hailing from Basanti in West Bengal. Abu Taher Sheikh had been travelling on the train from Chennai. According to his statement, the crash site resembled a dystopian landscape, featuring numerous stacks of lifeless bodies stored within a school train crash in India.

train crash in India

According to the individual, authorities were unable to locate his nephew, and he was unable to locate him in any medical facilities. According to the officials, certain bodies remain trapped within the damaged train coaches, and it will require considerable time to extract them.

The search for the individual in question is ongoing. It is hoped that the individual is located alive in some capacity train crash in India.

Approximately 10 out of the 23 coaches comprising the Coromandel Express incurred significant damage, while two Howrah Superfast Express train carriages were overturned. The individuals on the collided trains provided accounts of the distressing incident train crash in India.

According to a survivor’s account, he was in a state of slumber when his carriage derailed, causing him to awaken abruptly. In an interview with an Indian news channel train crash in India, he reported that approximately 10 to 15 individuals had fallen on top of him. The user has sustained injuries to their hand and neck. Upon disembarking from the train, multiple dismembered body parts were observed strewn about the immediate vicinity, including but not limited to individual limbs such as legs and hands. Facial disfigurement was observed.

The individual identified as Gobinda Mondal, who works as a labourer in Chennai, was occupying the central compartment of the Coromandel Express at the time of its derailment. The coach experienced a sudden impact resulting in derailment at a high velocity. He recounted that the vehicle slid for a certain distance train crash in India. He proceeded to detail his actions of breaking through a damaged carriage window to make his exit. The observer noted the presence of injured individuals within the coach requesting assistance. One individual reported experiencing discomfort in their chest region train crash in India.

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According to Subhankar Ruidas, a passenger aboard the Howrah Express, his carriage remained undamaged during the incident. However, he reported experiencing a tremor-like sensation when the train collided with the Coromandel Express.

Upon hearing the screeching of brakes and the sound of two trains colliding, nearby individuals promptly responded to the scene and endeavoured to extract passengers from the wreckage train crash in India. According to a statement given to the Hindustan Times by Ashok Samal, a shopkeeper, he became aware of the crash and promptly proceeded to the tracks train crash in India.

According to the speaker, there were high-pitched screams and visible blood present. Multiple individuals were heard crying out for assistance from the immobilized train cars. Upon observation, numerous bodies were lodged beneath the overturned compartments.

The hospitals nearby were overwhelmed with deceased individuals and those who had sustained injuries. According to a physician at SCB Medical College and Hospital in Cuttack, several individuals have suffered severe bodily injuries, including limb loss. Approximately 20 individuals under our medical treatment care succumbed to their injuries train crash in India.

The medical facility is currently experiencing an influx of patients who have sustained injuries. They are in a prone position on the floor. We are attending to patients in a fast-paced manner, moving quickly from one to the next. The user successfully administered first aid to a young female child and reported that she was stable. The parental information is currently unknown.

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