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A man in the United States ate at McDonald’s thrice a day for a hundred days and lost weight.

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Nashville resident Kevin Maginnis, 57, claims he shed roughly 60 pounds (26 kilograms) by eating McDonald’s at half the normal serving size three times daily.

It may be commonly assumed that consuming solely fast food from McDonald’s for three months would destroy a balanced diet. However, this was not the outcome for a male individual aged 57 from Tennessee.

This week, Kevin Maginnis shared his experience of losing almost 60 lbs by consuming three meals per day exclusively from McDonald’s for 100 days during his appearances on multiple media platforms.

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During his experiment, Maginnis, a resident of Nashville and a grandfather, informed the local television news station WSMV that he would consume only half of the food he ordered to restrict his calorie intake. According to Maginnis, he did not experience burnout from consuming Big Macs, quarter-pounders, french fries, apple fritters, and other food items because he only consumed half-portions.

Maginnis implemented a dietary strategy that involved refraining from consuming snacks between meals and exclusively consuming water. The individual’s efforts resulted in a reduction of 58.5 pounds (26.5 kilograms) in body weight, accompanied by improved cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, and heart attack risk indicators.

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Maginnis reported that he was previously diagnosed as pre-diabetic, but his current readings indicate that he has achieved healthy blood sugar levels.

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The hosts of Today’s event were impressed by the subject’s physical transformation, as evidenced by his current appearance in a sport coat and slacks compared to an older photograph in which he had a protruding belly.

A host commented that the diet followed by Maginnis is not viable for long-term use. Maginnis made a humorous response, stating: “Please refrain from harbouring negative emotions while I consume my apple fritter and engage in weight loss.”

Subsequently, he acknowledged that incorporating reduced meal portions as a fundamental aspect of his diet would enable him to lose weight.

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According to Maginnis, half of the plate should be consumed to lose weight, while three-quarters of the plate should be consumed to maintain the weight. Notably, any type of food, including McDonald’s, can be included in the diet.

Maginnis publicized his non-traditional dietary regimen through a TikTok video that gained widespread popularity. On Thursday, at the 100-day mark, the individual reported a weight loss from 238 lbs (108kg) to 179.5 lbs (81.4kg).

United States ate at McDonald's

The outcomes of his study can be considered as a contrast to the 2004 documentary “Super Size Me,” where filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, aged 32, experienced a weight gain of 24.5lbs (11.1kg), along with increased blood pressure, high cholesterol, symptoms of depression, and sexual dysfunction.

The film depicts a legal case brought against McDonald’s by lawyers representing two minors who were severely overweight and consequently afflicted with one of the most prevalent health issues in the United States. Critics positively received the documentary film Super Size Me. During the peak of the #MeToo movement, Spurlock disclosed a record of sexual misconduct.

According to Maginnis, his spouse joined him midway through his 100-day diet. He stated that she had lost approximately 20 lbs (9kg). This was reported to WSMV.

According to WSMV, medical professionals were consulted and advised that Maginnis’s diet may not suit everyone. The medical professionals recommended that individuals prioritize consuming unprocessed foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

According to Maginnis’ statement to the station, he does not intend to relinquish his lunchtime Big Macs. However, he plans to incorporate dinners consisting of filet mignon into his meal routine. According to his statement to Today, his upcoming objective is to successfully execute a 100ft rope ascent within 100 days.

Maginnis referred to the task as his personal Everest. The individual proposes to proceed.

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